Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Samsung HMX-QF20BN Manual PDF Review

Samsung HMX-QF20BN Manual PDF Review - If you're the owner of this Full HD camera Samsung HMX-QF20BN, you'll notice Samsung HMX-QF20BN Manual here. This Samsung HMX-QF20BN pdf is come back from the direct original Samsung web site. Ofcourse you'll get HMX-QF20BN user manual in pdf page format by transfer it in link below. As we offer you the knowledge, we have a tendency to conjointly offer you alternative product support if samsung offer it like package, browser, computer code file, upgrade USB file, upgrade guide and plenty of additional, we'll offer you it too here beside user manual. 
during this Samsung HMX-QF20BN pdf, you'll notice such associate degree data regarding operate the camera, inserting/ejecting the battery, inserting/ejecting a memory card (not supplied), Checking the battery state, Accessing the house screen, Icons on the house screen, Recording videos in portrait mode, Tagging nice moments whereas recording, beginning the playback mode, taking part in back videos, Tagging nice moments throughout playback, Viewing photos,  and alternative data obtainable for this product.

In this manual, you can also get information about an overview of camcorder. It's your first point of manual for getting know about your  camcorder .

  1. Lens
  2. Charging indicator
  3. Home (  ) button
  4. LCD screen (Touch screen)
  5. Internal microphone
  6. Internal speaker
  7. Jack cover (AV/HDMI/micro USB)
  8. AV (Audio/Video) jack
  9. HDMI jack
  10. micro USB jack
  11. Rear/Right/Bottom
Lens open/close switch
  1. Grip belt
  2. Jack cover (DC IN)
  3. DC IN jack
  4. Zoom (T/W) button
  5. My Clip ( / ) button
  6. Recording start/stop button
  7. Battery slot
  8. Memory card slot
  9. Battery/Memory card cover
  10. Battery release switch
  11. Tripod receptacle
You can get download the Samsung HMX-QF20BN Manual, driver, setup, troubleshooting  and etc here.