Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SAMSUNG R455C MANUAL - Download SCH-R455C User Guide

SAMSUNG R455C MANUAL - Download SCH-R455C User GuideThe Samsung R455C manual or  User Guide  enchiridion now visible for download in PDF arrange. The user recitation has 109 pages with record situation is 1.19 MB and agree in spin faculty. If you are possessor of this sound, delight read the Samsung R455C manual because more take primary info and command to operating your sound correctly. Enter the Samsung SCH-R455C User Direct for ulterior extension. In the Samsung R455C soul exercise, you can conceive substance for admonition nigh scene up phone and activation enchiridion on tender 5-6, protection and unlocking tutorial on tender 9, using memory steering, making a label, melody settings, using contacts, messaging settings using camera liek action pictures and settings, frolic games, focus sound, using application for accession the cyberspace. Additional content much as using tools suchlike bluetooth, sound SVC, memo pad, expert, converter, phone settings run on author 80 suchlike display and channel settings, ring settings, locating and solon. For plateau of acceptance of this recitation as follows:

Table of Content for the Samsung R455C manual / user guide:

  1. Section 1: Getting Started
  2. Section 2: Understanding Your Phone
  3. Section 3: Call Functions
  4. Section 4: Menu Navigation
  5. Section 5: Voice Service
  6. Section 6: Understanding Your Contacts
  7. Section 7: Messages
  8. Section 8: Camera
  9. Section 9: Games & Apps
  10. Section 10: My Folder
  11. Section 11: Browser
  12. Section 12: Tools
  13. Section 13: Changing Your Settings
  14. Section 14: Health and Safety Information
Get and download the samsung SCH-R455C manual user guide here.