Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Manual and Troubleshooting

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Manual and Troubleshooting - Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus is smartphone that suspended by 1GHz processor and misused Golem 2.3 Gingerbread as operating method / level. Kudos if had bought the Samsung Wandflower Ace Positive. On the smartphone of teaching some applications and features you necessary to try. For it, as a extension or guidelines don't lose to register the practice or individual enchiridion PDF of Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus. As human or genuine somebody of this phone, try to have carefully support by quantify from the Samsung Aggregation Ace Nonnegative recitation because when your Samsung Collection Ace Nonnegative has operated aright and according to the procedure, then this leave be utile to the copulate move, record all grave statement that are in the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Manual. But if you retrogress with the Samsung Aggregation Ace Plus individual manual, you can download it straight formalised website. 

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus 

As message for you, after we record the Samsung Collection Ace Positive soul practice, there are whatever essential message specified as tutorial assembling for commencement the battery, SIM or USIM card, memory bill, sound effort overview with explained card and key functions, learn sound operative guide or sound underlying dealing, using applications like system distribution, falsehood VPN, using google examine, kies air, strain handler, thinkfre staff, phone settings escort, job finding or troubleshooting, device and author. For information almost the Samsung Coltsfoot Ace Nonnegative eyeglasses or heavy spec, you can have beneath after plateau of content for the Samsung Collection Ace Positive accounting. By The way, don't bury if you impoverishment to buy a smartphone or cell phones have nigh Tips Purchase Smartphone or Smartphone Customer's Enchiridion.

The table of contents for the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus manual such as:

  1. Using this manual
  2. Assembling
  3. Install the SIM or USIM card and battery
  4. Charge the battery
  5. Getting started
  6. Get to know your device
  7. Use the touch screen
  8. Communication
  9. Calling
  10. Messaging
  11. Entertainment
  12. Personal information
  13. Web
  14. Connectivity
  15. Tools
  16. Settings
  17. Troubleshooting
  18. Safety precautions

While for the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus specs / specification and features include:

  1. Boosted by a 1GHz processor
  2. Running on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system
  3. It has 3.65” HVGA (320 x 480) TFT touch screen display
  4. Equippd with 5 mega pixels rear-facing camera with auto focus and LED flash
  5. Connectivity: Bluetooth technology 3.0, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, GPS
  6. Available 3GB internal memory, 512MB of RAM
  7. Support Stereo FM Radio with RDS
  8. Powered by 1300 mAh Li-ion standard battery capacity

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Troubleshooting Summary:

  1. Your device displays network or service error messages
  2. The touch screen responds slowly or improperly
  3. Your device freezes or has fatal error
  4. Calls are being dropped
  5. Outgoing calls are not connected
  6. Incoming calls are not connected
  7. Others cannot hear you speaking on a call
  8. Audio quality is poor
  9. When dialling from contacts, the call is not connected
  10. The device beeps and the battery icon flashes
  11. The battery does not charge properly or the device turns off
  12. Your device is hot to the touch
  13. Error messages appear when launching the camera
  14. Error messages appear when launching the FM radio
  15. Error messages appear when opening music files
  16. Another Bluetooth device is not located
  17. A connection is not established when you connect the device to a PC
Download free pdf manual from here Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Manual (English | 7.13 MB | 150 pages)