Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Windows 8 on the iPad? Here's how

Windows 8 on the iPad? Here's how

Do you have an iPad ? Do you want to test the new operating system " Windows 8 "home Microsoft ? Then you are right, because today we at amicopc we offer you a detailed guide, intuitive and fast!

As you all know, the tablet home Cupertino , you can not install other operating systems for this reason, the guidance that we propose today will offer a viable solution to use Windows 8 on the iPad . The question arises. If you can not install it as do users of IOS to use Windows 8 iPad? The answer is very simple, just get the software application or better Slashtop Remote Desktop.

Slashtop Remote Desktop lets you connect via the iPad remote PC on which you installed Windows 8, so you can use the operating system directly from the iPad and benefit of the graphical Metro's new operating system from Microsoft, designed to the touch screen. The procedure is extremely simple, you just install Windows on your computer 8 and the client testbed win8 Metro on your iPad (available from the AppStore).

At this point, run the application on the iPad, of course making sure you are connected to a Wifi network, enter user and password with the address of the computer and you're done. Obviously do not expect to continue to use Windows 8 outside the home ..... This procedure works on the remote which means that the iPad must communicate with the PC. Alternatively there are specific issues for iPad tablet that transforms your home cupertino on a Windows Tablet (graphically speaking).

We take this opportunity to remind you that at present there is only one Consumer Preview Edition for Windows 8 in English for free download from Microsoft's official site, namely the following:

What are the improvements, modifications or changes to the new operating system? Elencarvene want one!

Farewell to the Start button
Two graphical user interfaces (Desktop and Metro)
Operating system designed primarily for touchscreen
Increased speed and fluidity
Compatible with many devices
Consumer Preview of course completely free and legal
If you want to discover other differences compared to Windows 7, we invite you to install the operating system!